Embedded Database Ubiquitous DeviceSQL Compact and High-Speed database for embedded devices

DeviceSQL consists of the DeviceSQL development environment (SDK) installed on the development host and the DeviceSQL Runtime Services (DeviceSQL Runtime Services) running on the target.

Development environment

The DeviceSQL development environment (SDK) includes the following components: The DeviceSQL Compiler is
automatically analyzes program logic and data definitions written in DeviceSQL Language (DevcieSQL Language) and generates optimized application code in ANSI C code.
The sample application (Starter Samples)
Sample programs that use various DeviceSQL functions are included.
SQL Probe is an advanced database operation tool.
Interactive database interaction is possible.
It also has an import / export function with CSV files.

Target environment (runtime)

The DeviceSQL runtime service is optimized for embedded systems.
A service library that includes a high-performance database engine.
It consists of the following services.

Services provided by DeviceSQL Overview
DeviceSQL memory service Register memory allocation /free routines
DeviceSQL database handle service Supports multiple DB instances, allowing
multiple independent DB environments
to be built within the same memory space
DeviceSQL storage service Provides Memory Mapped Storage type
DeviceSQL page service Provides Paged Storage type service
DeviceSQL index service Provide various index services
DeviceSQL Callback On Event service DML cancellation, error handling, etc.
DeviceSQL Dynamic C API service Build dynamic DB applications only
in C language or in combination with DevcieSQL language
DeviceSQL Interpreted SQL Programmable using SQL strings
Extended service * DeviceSQL Shared Access service Share paged storage between
multiple processes
Communication service
(Data Streams API)
Provides a framework for sharing DBs with
remote nodes via BSD Socket I / F
DeviceSQL thread safety service Provides exclusive control and
access control of table operations
DeviceSQL Spatial Search Index Service Provides spatial search (R-Tree) function
DeviceSQL full-text search index service Provides full-text search (N-Gram) function

* Extended services depend on the functions provided by the OS platform and may not be implemented.

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