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Aug 25,2008
Ubiquitous Corporation

The Total Number of Licenses for UbiquitousTCP/IP Shipped
So Far Has Exceeded 100 Million

Featuring Compactness, High-Speed and Efficiency, UbiquitousTCP/IP Is Introduced by an Increasing Number of Manufacturers to Be Incorporated in Game Consoles or Embedded Devices

Ubiquitous Corporation [JASDAQ:3858] hereby announces that the total number of licenses for its key product ‘UbiquitousTCP/IP’ shipped exceeded 100 million on a global basis as of August 2008.

Since its foundation in May 2001, Ubiquitous has consistently developed ‘compact,’ ‘efficient,’ and ‘High-Speed’ software for use with embedded devices, in particular, network-related software such as UbiquitousTCP/IP. UbiquitousTCP/IP, originating in the “Ubiquitous TCP/IP-OS for Z80,” which was released in November 2001, has been shipped for full-scale large-volume production since August 2003. In the short time span of 5 years, this product has grown to a total number of sold packages of this software of over 100 million. This is largely owing to the facts that many semiconductor and equipment makers introduced this product and that a communication protocol stack developed by Ubiquitous has been adopted as a communication library for use in game consoles since the last half of 2005. In addition, UbiquitousTCP/IP appeared in the ‘Embedded System Market 2008,’ a report issued by Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. in March 26 this year, which reported that UbiquitousTCP/IP had gained the largest share in the domestic TCP/IP middleware market.

Ubiquitous is committed to making further efforts to expand the market for UbiquitousTCP/IP, so that the ubiquitous network society, from which the company’s name derives, will be realized as early as possible. Ubiquitous is also committed to expanding the lineup of embedded-related software in the field of digital AV household appliances, wireless devices or USB-related devices, as well as to continuing to provide software components that will allow software developers to carry out product development more efficiently.

About Ubiquitous Corporation (JASDAQ: 3858)

Ubiquitous was established with the aim of realizing the dream of ubiquitous networks for connecting the various devices that we constantly use today so seamlessly that we needn’t even think about it making connections. Compact, efficient and high-speed software is indispensable to the creation of such ubiquitous networks, and Ubiquitous is committed to contributing to this endeavor through developing the world’s most compact, efficient and high-speed network software.


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