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Nov 10,2009
Ubiquitous Corporation

Ubiquitous Announces New Product 'Ubiquitous QuickBoot'
New Technology for Dramatically Reducing Embedded System Boot Time

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Ubiquitous QuickBoot Web Page
You can find the video of 1second booting of Android

1. A mobile device platform offered by the Open Handset Alliance established by Google and others. Android is attracting increasing interest for use in a wide range of digital network devices in addition to mobile phones.

2. Measured by stopwatch using the following environment:

Android / Armadillo-500FX (Atmark Techno, Inc., with no hardware modification)
RAM size: 105 – 110 MB
RAM image size: 128 MB (uncompressed, no XIP)
Boot time from power-on to the following processes or operation-ready state:
- GlobalTime Approx.      1.3 second boot time
- GLSurfaceView Approx.    1.4 second boot time
- AnimateDrawables Approx. 1.4 second boot time

3. As of November 2009 according to Ubiquitous Corporation research

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About Ubiquitous DeviceSQL

Ubiquitous was established with the aim of realizing the dream of ubiquitous networks for connecting the various devices that we constantly use today so seamlessly that we needn’t even think about it making connections. Compact, efficient and high-speed software is indispensable to the creation of such ubiquitous networks, and Ubiquitous is committed to contributing to this endeavor through developing the world’s most compact, efficient and high-speed network software.


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