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May 31,2010
Ubiquitous Corporation

Ubiquitous and Wistron showcase "QuickBoot" on Freescale's i.MX51 processor, Proving "Instant-On without Standby" of Smartbooks, e-Books and Tablets


■ About Wistron Corporation
Wistron Corporation is among the world’s largest original design manufacturer (ODM) companies producing information and communication technology (ICT) products–including mobile and handheld devices, servers and storage, IA, networking and communication products. Utilizing a strong engineering base, Wistron is a leader in the delivery of a broad range of services. Utilizing extensive product development experience, as well as partnerships with leading technology companies, Wistron incorporates the latest technology platforms into product offerings for OEM customers.
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About Ubiquitous QuickBoot SDK

This SDK (software development kit) is provided for developers at OEMs and ODMs enabling them to design “instant-on” capable products. The SDK includes “QuickBoot snapshot script” and “QuickBoot snapshot driver”, which are used to store snapshots of RAM image to a nonvolatile memory, and “QuickBoot BIOS” and “QuickBoot IRA (Intelligent Resource Allocator)”, which enable systems to boot up instantly by selecting necessary blocks of the stored memory image.

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