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Mar 23,2010
Ubiquitous Corporation

Ubiquitous Corporation Launches "Ubiquitous QuickBoot", as a Break-Through
Booting Innovation for Various Embedded Devices

Ubiquitous QuickBoot enables record-breaking 1-second booting of Android or Linux on ARM platforms

TOKYO, Mar. 23, 2010 – Ubiquitous Corporation, a Tokyo based leading embedded software company [JASDAQ NEO: 3858] has announced public availability of QuickBoot Release 1.0, with ARM? currently being the primary platform supported.

Ubiquitous will be showcasing Ubiquitous QuickBoot technology on ARM platforms this week at CCBN in Beijing and ESC 2010 Silicon Valley in April. By using the epoch-making Ubiquitous QuickBoot on ARM platform, Android or Linux can boot in 1 second, after turning on the power as a “cold” boot.

“The Ubiquitous QuickBoot enables various devices such as TVs, STBs, automotive infotainments, smartbooks and smartphones to boot up in about 1 second from complete power off, and will change the user experience dramatically,” said Matt Kawauchi, President of Ubiquitous. “With the instant-on capability of Ubiquitous QuickBoot, devices can be turned off completely with zero stand-by power without sacrificing boot-time, and hence enables OEMs and ODMs to produce eco-friendly devices”.

“QuickBoot support for ARM enables consumer applications to run instantaneously from power on, enhancing the Android consumer experience across a wide range of devices from Mobile phones to DTVs” said Kevin Smith, VP Segment Marketing, ARM “Technologies such as QuickBoot enable greater energy savings, complementing ARM architectures that already provide industry leading energy efficiency levels.”

Ubiquitous QuickBoot is a software product of a break-through booting technology, tightly coupled with ARM architecture. QuickBoot can restore necessary portions of the memory image by automatically determining the priority of memory usage of the system. The brand-new QuickBoot SDK R1.0 supports ARM9TM family, ARM11TM family, and CortexTM-A series processors.

Ubiquitous will continue to expand the QuickBoot support of CPU architectures, including multi-core SMP devices using ARM Cortex-A series processors, as well as additional operating systems, other than Linux or Android. Ubiquitous is also a member of the Solution Center for Android and will provide QuickBoot to other members of SCA, upon request.

The Ubiquitous QuickBoot will be demonstrated at the ARM private meeting rooms at CCBN in Beijing, March 22-25, 2010 and will also be demonstrated at ARM Connected Community booth at ESC Silicon Valley, April 26-29, 2010. 

The video of the demo is also available at Ubiquitous web site:

About Ubiquitous QuickBoot SDK
This SDK (software development kit) is provided for developers at OEMs and ODMs enabling them to design “instant-on” capable products. The SDK includes “QuickBoot snapshot script” and “QuickBoot snapshot driver”, which are used to store snapshots of RAM image to a nonvolatile memory, and “QuickBoot BIOS” and “QuickBoot IRA (Intelligent Resource Allocator)”, which enable systems to boot up instantly by selecting necessary blocks of the stored memory image.

About Ubiquitous Corporation
Ubiquitous was established with the aim of realizing the dream of ubiquitous networks for connecting the various devices that we constantly use today so seamlessly that we need not even think about it making connections. Compact, efficient and high-speed software is indispensable to the creation of such ubiquitous networks, and Ubiquitous is committed to contributing to this endeavor through developing the world’s most compact, efficient and high-speed network and database software. More information on Ubiquitous is available at


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