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Sep 01,2015
Ubiquitous Corporation

Ubiquitous to Establish Cutting-Edge Technology Center in Silicon Valley
~Ubiquitous Silicon Valley Innovation Center (USIC)~

TOKYO, Japan, Aug 31, 2015 - Ubiquitous Corporation (JASDAQ: 3858, Ubiquitous) announced today on opening the first research facility outside Japan, "Ubiquitous Silicon Valley Innovation Center" (USIC) in Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A., which facility will be in operation from September 14, 2015.

Ubiquitous Silicon Valley Innovation Center (USIC) will focus on accelerating its Internet of Things (IoT) related effort, and opportunities for new business by building relationship with partners in Silicon Valley such as emerging technology startups. Since we are receiving increasing inquiries on our products and services from overseas such as North America, USIC will also focus on promoting Ubiquitous Corporation's products/services and technologies, such as QuickBoot and IoT-related products to the industry segments such as Smart Car, Smart Home, and Smart Devices.

Ubiquitous Corporation has been approved and has joined the Japan External Trade Organization's (JETRO) "JETRO Innovation Program 2015", which program will help Ubiquitous Silicon Valley Innovation Center (USIC) accelerate its operation in Silicon Valley.

Facility Name:Ubiquitous Corporation Silicon Valley Innovation Center (USIC)
In Operation:September 14, 2015
Ubiquitous Corporation
425 Broadway Street, Redwood City, CA 94063
Shinichi Manaka, Managing Director, R&D Group, Ubiquitous Corp.

About Ubiquitous Corporation (JASDAQ: 3858)

Ubiquitous Corporation was established in 2001 aiming to provide ubiquitous network connectivity technologies. Today Ubiquitous Corporation is not only a leading Embedded Software provider, but also a solution provider for Connected Car and Connected Home industry with Energy Management solutions.


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