Nov 08,2017
Ubiquitous Corporation

[Demonstration Movie] Ubiquitous QuickBoot, Fast Boot Solution for Linux and Android supports MinnowBoard Turbot board with Intel Atom® processor E3845

Fast Boot Solution for Linux and Android, QuickBoot R2.0 x86 supports Intel Atom® processor.

In the following demonstration, the AGL demo app on Automotive Grade Linux 4.0 (DD) deployed by the Linux Foundation on the MinnowBoard Turbot board with the Intel Atom® processor E3845 became operable state immediately after starting boot up with Ubiquitous QuickBoot.
Under normal startup, it took more than 10 seconds to become operable state.
By QuickBoot, you can start up in about 2.5 seconds and you can greatly improve usability.

Automotive Grade Linux 4.0 (DD) Fast boot demo with Ubiquitous QuickBoot for x86 on MinnowBoard Turbot
Fastboot Demo movie (Click to play)

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