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Apr 08,2022
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The "Edge Trust" security component to implement secure IoT services is now PSA Certified™, the first such certification in Japan of middleware for embedded devices
~Initial acquisition of PSA Certified™ status from ECSEC Lab, Japan's first PSA Certified™ evaluation organization~

(English Translation of the Japanese Press Release on August 25, 2021)

Ubiquitous AI Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Satoshi Hasegawa; Ubiquitous AI), ECSEC Laboratory Inc. (Main office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Keiichi Kurakazu; ECSEC Lab), and Arm KK, a Japanese subsidiary of Arm Limited (Cambridge, United Kingdom; Arm), have announced that middleware that is a security component of the "Edge Trust" solution to implement secure IoT services has been evaluated by ECSEC Lab, which is the sole Japanese PSA Certified™ evaluation entity, and has acquired PSA Certified™ status, the first*1 middleware for embedded devices to achieve such certification.

PSA_PR_img.jpgMiddleware product for embedded devices with new PSA Certified™ status


With the concept of IoT now firmly entrenched in the market, various unfortunate incidents have been reported around the world, so that security issues can no longer be ignored. However, IoT product developers do not know to what level, or using which means, security measures should be implemented for them to be proper and reasonable. As a result, in many cases ad hoc measures have had to be adopted, and so there has been a need for definitions of security levels to serve as standards.

About PSA Certified™ *2

In the "PSA Certified™" certification system, which supports expanded introduction of secure IoT solutions founded on the PSA framework, a third-party entity that performs security tests conducts evaluations to confirm that a device conforms to the "Platform Security Architecture (PSA)" framework, and a certifying entity certifies the results. To provide developers with best practices for security implementation conforming to PSA, promoted by Arm as a security architecture for IoT devices, the PSA Certified™ system was announced by Arm and partner companies in February 2019. By receiving this certification, IoT product developers and manufacturers of semiconductor and other devices installed in such products can be confident that data collected by a wide variety of IoT devices meet fixed standards for security and authenticity. The total number of certifications*3 of chips, devices, and system software currently exceeds 70, and even today continues to increase.

The Significance of the Newly Acquired PSA Certified™ Status

Edge Trust is a solution provided in common by Ubiquitous AI and Toppan Inc. (Toppan) to achieve secure IoT services through life cycle management of IoT devices, making use of digital certificates and other means. Edge Trust comprises cloud services and software for edge devices; on the edge device side, middleware that is a Ubiquitous AI device agent controls client certificates and private keys. The new certification is of middleware that is a security component of Edge Trust, and signifies that ECSEC Lab, a third-party entity, has affirmed that Edge Trust is a solution conforming to the clearly defined PSA guidelines.

By using Edge Trust, which employs middleware that has earned the PSA Certified™ designation, IoT product developers can carry out life cycle management of devices for which a certain level of security has been secured in advance. Consequently, the burdens associated with complex security implementation and verification can be greatly alleviated. This allows them to focus on developing their own applications and at the same time shorten time-to-market for developed products.

Future Goals

By widely offering solutions based on Edge Trust, market circulation of safe and secure IoT products will be further supported. In addition, there are plans to update Edge Trust system software in conjunction with future updates of the PSA Certified™ standards.

Regarding Cooperation

Comment by Yuzuru Utsumi, President, Arm KK

"Arm wholeheartedly welcomes the new acquisition by Ubiquitous AI of PSA Certified™ status for Edge Trust. We are also very glad that ECSEC Lab, which this year became the first Japanese certification organization to join PSA Certified™, was involved in the evaluations and certification. As IoT makes further inroads into society, we anticipate that secure solutions such as Edge Trust, which incorporates PSA Certified™ middleware, will come into more widespread use."

Comment by Keiichi Kurakazu, President & CEO, ECSEC Laboratory Inc.

"The importance of security in IoT as well as other areas increases with each passing year, but requirements relating to security had only extended as far as guidelines provided by government organizations and private-sector consortiums. Users likewise have had related headaches, not knowing what kind of requirements they needed to satisfy. The new PSA Certified™ Level 1 certification for the Edge Trust security component middleware has broken through this deadlocked situation. Thanks to this third-party certification which ensures that high-level security requirements have been met, users can now adopt Edge Trust with confidence. We believe that this certification represents a significant advance in IoT security in Japan."

Comment by Satoshi Hasegawa, President, Ubiquitous AI Corporation

"I am very happy that the Edge Trust security component middleware has received PSA Certified™ status. By managing anonymous information recorded in IoT devices over the entire life cycle of the device, Edge Trust technology can achieve more secure operation, and the fact that it has been recognized as technology that satisfies high-level security requirements is very significant. Many corporations requiring solutions like Edge Trust are also users of Arm technology, and so I hope this new certification will lead to redoubled adoption in earnest of Edge Trust."

*1: A first in Japan for "middleware for embedded devices," and the first instance of PSA Certified™ status granted by a Japanese evaluation organization. (ECSEC Lab survey)
*2: PSA Certified™ website (English):
*3: List of PSA Certified™ products (English):

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About ECSEC Laboratory Inc.

Since the earliest days of IT security in Japan, ECSEC Laboratory has, as experts in security, evaluated smart cards, ICs, and LSIs, HSM, multifunction printers, database systems, and other products. In recent years, the company has leveraged this technology and experience to expand operations into original fragility analysis and evaluation, security consulting, training, and the like in such fields as automobile security and the IoT field. ECSEC continues studies and research to stay abreast of changes in technology and to be able to meet the evolving needs of developers, aiming at the emergence of a safer, more secure, and more pleasant IT society.
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Arm technology is centered on the computing and data revolutions and has been bringing momentous change to people's lives and to corporate operations. Arm processor designs with superior energy efficiency and corresponding software platforms have made possible sophisticated computing through upwards of some 190 billion chips. Arm technology securely supports the entire gamut of products from sensors to smartphones to supercomputers.
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