Personal Information Handling Policy

Ubiquitous AI Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Ubiquitous" or the "Company") shall handle personal information provided by you in conjunction with your inquiry (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") with the best and due care and shall use such Personal Information for the purposes listed below:

[Purpose of Personal Information Use]
1. When you input your Personal Information in an inquiry as to our products, business, recruitment, IR issues, and other matters about the Company, Ubiquitous shall use the Personal Information obtained from you for the purpose of responding to your inquiry and distributing our mail magazines.

2. When you input your Personal Information in an application for attending a seminar and/or a campaign that are about our products and services and held by or on behalf of Ubiquitous, Ubiquitous shall use the Personal Information obtained from you for the purpose of contacting you about such seminar and campaign and distributing our mail magazines.

[Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties]
Ubiquitous shall not provide a third party with any Personal Information obtained from you without your consent except for the cases that such provision is required by applicable laws and regulations.

[Shared Use of Personal Information]
Ubiquitous may share your Personal Information with its affiliated companies within the scope and conditions as prescribed below:

1. Individual items subject to the shared use
Your contact information such as your company name, name, address, department/section name, telephone number, FAX number, and e-mail address; Details of your inquiry, your purchase history of our products and services, and your participation history in our seminars and events.

2. Shared users
AIM Corporation
Other affiliated companies of Ubiquitous

3. Purpose of the shared use

  • Responding to inquiries and requests from customers and trading partners of Ubiquitous and its affiliated companies;
  • Providing material/information on products and services offered by Ubiquitous and its affiliated companies;
  • Sending an invitation of seminars, exhibitions, and other events held or sponsored by Ubiquitous or its affiliated companies.

4. Entity responsible for the shared use
The Company (Ubiquitous AI Corporation)

[Commission of Personal Information Handling]
Ubiquitous shall not commission to any third party the whole or part of tasks of handling and/or processing the Personal Information obtained from you .

[Personal Information Subject to Disclosure and Contact Information]
Ubiquitous accepts the following requests about the Personal Information from the owner of such Personal Information: Notifying the purpose of use; disclosure; correction, addition, or deletion; suspension of use; removal; and suspension of providing a third party (hereinafter referred to as the "Disclosure"). For detailed procedures of Disclosure,please contact our Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Section. However, please note that we may not disclose any information if it may breach any laws or regulations. We appreciate you understanding.

[Input of Personal Information]
Please note that input items with "*" on the Inquiry form are mandatory. If you fail to complete the mandatory items we may not accept your inquiry.

[Website Cookies]
Some pages on our website use cookies. While cookies and web beacons can record which pages your computer visits within our website, your Personal Information would not and cannot be collected.

[Security Measures for Protecting Personal Information]
Ubiquitous shall take necessary and proper measures for preventing and correcting leakage, loss, and impairment of any Personal Information collected, as well as for safely and securely retaining any Personal Information. This site is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer.)

[Personal Information Protection Manager]
General Manager of General Affairs and Human Resources Department
Corporate Administration Group
Ubiquitous AI Corporation

[Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Section]
TO: Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Manager
Ubiquitous AI Corporation
Meiho Bldg. 6F, 1-21-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan
To access our inquiry form, please click here. Thank you.
(Business Hours: 10:00 A.M. to 16:00 P.M. from Monday to Friday; except for national holidays)

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