Solutions for Secure IoT Services Edge Trust Solutions for enabling secure IoT services due to lifecycle management of IoT devices

About Edge Trust

Edge Trust is a solution for enabling secure IoT services due to lifecycle management of IoT devices.


Thanks to collaboration with Toppan Printing, our security implementations for IoT devices and device management system is efficiently able to manage confidential information in the operations, procedures and processing that occur throughout the lifecycle of IoT devices, from planning and manufacturing to shipping, operation, and disposal. Those outcomes enable Secure IoT services.



Supporting efficient and long-term operation of secure IoT services

  • Secure implementation of IoT devices using secure hardware and linkage of a key and certificate management systems enable secure and efficient product lifecycle management of IoT devices.

One-stop solution for necessary functions of secure lifecycle management

  • One-stop solution for IoT devices during all project phases such as secure implementation, firmware writing service in mass production, issue and manage of client certificates and operation of certification authorities
  • Provide ancillary services such as vulnerability verification during manufacturing and device health check service to support early detection of abnormalities and recovery after operation.

Enabling IoT Security by Ecosystem Frameworks

  • Offering rich program of customer support by ecosystem framework based on collaboration with partner companies.


Unnecessary to consider complexity and difficulty of IoT security

  • By entrusting the development and operation of the security-related aspects required for the complex, difficult, and time-consuming lifecycle management of IoT devices, customers can concentrate on service development.
  • Provide device management services according to the authentication specifications of the service provider, such as cloud services and on-premise services.

Excellent support team for your IoT device development

  • Support from selecting best semiconductor to the design and implementation of embedded software for developing IoT devices by providing required technology for the customer's application category with extensive embedded software portfolio and expertise.

Comprehensive service from product development to life cycle management services

  • Providing expertise in terms of IoT from product development to lifecycle management services.

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