Solutions for Secure IoT Services Edge Trust Solutions for enabling secure IoT services due to lifecycle management of IoT devices

Services contents of Edge Trust

In addition to the service of device lifecycle management of IoT, Edge Trust offers a variety of development support and services to solve the problem. Our customers can choose right services for solving the problem.

Our base menu of Edge Trust lifecycle management service which contains Edge Trust DLCM Agent and DLCM Service will help our customers to evolve legacy devices as IoT enabled devices thanks to
extensive embedded software products and development support, including communication and security protocol stacks.
In addition to those DLCM services, vulnerability verification tools, security verification and consulting services, and periodic after market release checkup services are also available.

Also, our overall security solution of IoT services continue to improve security level by blockchain technology. That will prevent the falsification of information generated by IoT devices.


Edge Trust Device Life Cycle Management Service (DLCM Agent, DLCM Service)

Thanks to combination between integrated DLCM Agent in IoT devices and DLCM Service, IoT devices are enabled to get lifecycle management feature based on its operation status.

It is also possible to manage unique key and certificate of IoT device activation, update, and delete via web console provided by this service.

With those smart and intelligent features, you can also use secure firmware update which is essential features of IoT devices.



Embedded Software Solutions

Our security solution covers extensive market demand, such as architecture transition from legacy device to IoT device and secure hardware based security data management system. Providing variety of security products, our customer can get best software solution proposal based on requirements and environment.


Please contact us for more detail.

Vulnerability verification tools for IoT devices, security verification and consulting

"beSTORM X" is a security verification environment development tool tailored for various IoT devices from fuzzing to penetration testing. Our security expert provides fuzzing and penetration testing services for IoT devices with this tool.


Edge Trust Healthcheck

This is a service that operates periodic fuzzing and penetration testing for IoT devices based on several security guidelines from manufacturing to market launch phases. Having executed our security assessment, it is possible to support complexity of incident management of IoT devices through device lifecycle, and monitor vulnerability incident after market release.


Business Blockchain Solutions

Thanks to combination of Edge Trust and blockchain platform, it is possible to prevent tampering by creating a distributed ledger of data generated by IoT devices. (under development)

About Rablock

Rablock (Rapid system development platform based on blockchain technology) is a business blockchain platform that uses the blockchain technology.
With a non-virtual currency type lightweight blockchain engine, Rablock enables blockchain falsification resistance and other functions in general business settings.


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