Embedded Database Ubiquitous DeviceSQL Compact and High-Speed database for embedded devices

Ubiquitous DeviceSQL is a framework product that combines a high-speed database function and an event processing function (data processing function) based on the world's smallest class stream-based database engine (memory footprint: 50 KB or more, depending on configuration and compiler type), specifically designed for embedded devices.

DeviceSQL is comprised of the DeviceSQL SDK including the powerful DeviceSQL language, DeviceSQL Compiler, SQLProbe database manipulation tool and sample applications and the DeviceSQL Platform Environments (performance-tuned service library) – all completely portable across virtually any target microprocessor or operating system.
It can be integrated into most popular development environments and tools and can be easily integrated with existing device software applications.
DeviceSQL is shipping in millions of Consumer electronics devices, OA devices, Medical devices and Industrial devices with proven performance in a wide variety of applications.

Distributed data processing and management solution for IoT / M2M market

The Internet of Things (IoT), which connects to the Internet and "M2M (Machine to Machine)" that connects and exchanges information and controls each other, are rapidly expanding as all things are equipped with sensors and have communication functions.

On the other hand, due to the increase in wide area network traffic caused by the rapid increase in information transmission from devices, for example, the cloud equipment to cope with the increase in communication traffic and the increase in the cost burden for the increase in communication band become major issues. Distributed processing and management of data in wide area networks, such as installing gateways near data sources such as sensors and devices and reducing communication traffic by sending only the data that results from storing and processing data to the cloud Technology is required.

Ubiquitous AI Corporation has placed an IoT gateway with DeviceSQL between the device and cloud service.

  • Filter function that sends only data that matches the conditions to the cloud service
  • Data aggregation function that aggregates a large amount of data coming from various sensors and devices and sends it to the cloud service
  • While the communication function is disconnected, the data received from various sensors and devices is temporarily stored in the Device.
    Data cache function that stores data in SQL and synchronizes data with the cloud service when the communication function resumes
  • Event handling functions such as notification to the cloud / execution of specific processes / program start-up only when thresholds are exceeded

and so on

Furthermore, managing the data in combination with the SQL-based database function in the local environment in addition to the cloud environment, it meets various needs such as the data distribution processing and management technology that reduces communication traffic over a wide area network, and the real-time processing that cannot be handled in a cloud environment.

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