Solutions for Secure IoT Services Edge Trust Solutions for enabling secure IoT services due to lifecycle management of IoT devices

Supporting customers' IoT service development through collaboration with partner's solution

Based on the Edge Trust lifecycle management service of Toppan Printing and our company, we will provide solutions to solve various issues that arise in the development of IoT services through partnerships with a wide range of companies.


Edge Trust Partners

In order to enable secure ioT service as one-stop-solution, we developed extensive partnership with key companies such as semiconductor hardware, software development environment, system integrator, IoT platform and blockchain-based tamper solution required to establish IoT services.

TOPPAN-logo.jpg Toppan Printing CO., LTD. Firmware writing service
renesas-logo.jpg Renesas Electronics Corporation "RX65N" with Trusted Secure IP
ST-logo.jpg STMicroelectronics "STM32U5, STM32L5 Series" with TrustZone compliant Arm Cortex-M33
IAR-logo.jpg IAR Systems K.K. Integrated Development Environment "IAR Embedded Workbench"
PTC-logo.jpg PTC Japan Co.Ltd. IIoT Solutions Platform
Rablock-logo.jpg Rablock Co., Ltd. Business Blockchain Solutions
serverworks-logo.jpg Serverworks Co., Ltd. AWS Integration

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