Security Solution with hardware secure IP Ubiquitous Securus Secure data management solution using hardware secure IP

What is CryptoAPIs

It provides secure AES encryption and decryption functions. If the processor hardware to be used has this function, then use the hardware function. For hardware that does not have this function, use software processing engine.
In addition, by using this encryption function, it is possible to realize a content protection function of locally encrypting streaming data such as digital content data and continuously acquired sensor data. Since this locally encrypted data is stored in a secure manner, it is impossible to fraudulently use it even if it leaks or leaks to the outside by any chance.

Supported cryptographic function

Public Key Cryptography

signature : DSA, ECDSA, RSASSA-PKCS#1-v1.5, RSASSA-PSS
Confidentiality : RSAES-PKCS#1-v1.5, RSAES-OAEP
Key Exchange : DH, ECDHE

Common Key Cryptography

Block Cipher : AES[128,192,256], DES[64]
Crypto Usage Mode : CBC, CTR, ECB, GCM
Stream Cipher : ARC4


Hash Function : SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, MD5
Message Authentication:HMAC_SHA1, HMAC_SHA256, HMAC_MD5

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