Embedded Database Ubiquitous DeviceSQL Compact and High-Speed database for embedded devices

Ubiquitous DeviceSQL (hereinafter referred to as "DeviceSQL") appeared in 2002 as a totally new category of data management software specialized for embedded systems and based on stream-based data management technologies. It has been used in cellular phones, onboard equipment, IP set-top boxes, communication equipment and so forth, and the latest release available as of Nov 2016 was DeviceSQL Release 5.2.

DeviceSQL covers all products, ranging from low-end ones to high-end ones, which cannot be covered by other embedded RDBMSs, and conforms to the Oracle PL/SQL industry-standard programming language. DeviceSQL is capable not only of making inquiries into data using an SQL statement but also of combining an SQL statement with a PL (Procedure Language) procedural language, such as an IF, FOR or LOOP statement, and thereby performing more complicated processing with a simple command.

DeviceSQL is a next-generation data management framework software (device data management) product specialized for embedded systems that offers the functionality of accessing a database (database functionality) as well as the functionality of combining an SQL statement with procedural language / import function functionality and thereby freely performing data processing (data processing functionality), such as filtering and format conversion, before and after an SQL statement.

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