Lightweight DTCP Middleware Ubiquitous DTCP Compact Link-Protection Solution

DTCP (Digital Transmission Content Protection) is a transmission path encryption technology aimed at protecting digital contents defined by DTLA (Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator). It is applicable to various communication physical layers, especially DTCP-IP for IP networks and DTCP-MOST for in-vehicle devices are widely used in the market.

Ubiquitous DTCP

Ubiquitous DTCP is a software development kit (SDK) family compatible with the DTCP Specification. Depending on the corresponding communication physical layer, it can be provided in the form of SDK as Ubiquitous DTCP-IP or Ubiquitous DTCP-MOST.
In both cases of DTCP-IP and DTCP-MOST, it can correspond to both Source device (content transmission side) and sink device (content reception side), and it will be provided according to customer's needs.

Supported specification

* DTCP Specification Volume 1 Revision 1.71
* DTCP Volume 1 Supplement E Mapping DTCP to IP, Revision 1.4
* DTCP Volume 1 Supplement B Mapping DTCP to MOST, Revision 1.2
* DTCP Volume 1 Supplement H, Mapping DTCP to MOST AES-128 Revision 1.0

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