Lightweight Wireless LAN Solution for IoT devices Ubiquitous WPA/WPS/Wi-Fi Direct WLAN Solution

Ubiquitous WPA, Ubiquitous WPS and Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Directs are software development kits to develop the functionalities necessary for wireless LAN clients to acquire the Wi-Fi Certification logo. With this software, it is possible to implement an encryption / authentication processing function for realizing secure communication on the wireless LAN in the IoT device and a function for easy setting of the connection to the wireless LAN access point .

Ubiquitous wireless LAN solution, featuring a very small code size (20 to 30 KB at the minimum), is best suited for implementing in embedded systems with limited resources. It enables devices with an extremely limited performance of microcomputers or amounts of ROM and RAM (for example, household electrical appliances or FA systems provided with wireless LAN functionalities) to perform secure communication.

The SDK is provided as libraries, and porting to various platforms of customers is also possible. Wi-Fi Certification logos of WPA, WPS and Wi-Fi Direct have been acquired in many cases, you can use with confidence even on interconnectivity.

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Ubiquitous WPA

WPA is a cryptographic method for wireless LAN defined by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which reinforces the weak points of WEP which has been hitherto adopted and strengthens security. Together with WPA2 which also supports stronger AES encryption, it is essential technology to acquire Wi-Fi Certification.

Ubiquitous WPS

WPS is a standard for easy setting of wireless LAN device connection and security setting, Wi-Fi Alliance defines specifications. This is a standard for the device to automatically acquire setting information from the wireless LAN access point by just entering the PIN code (PIN method) or pressing the button (PBC method).

Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a communication standard established by the Wi-Fi Alliance that makes it possible for devices to communicate with each other without going through an access point.

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