Lightweight USB Host Middleware Ubiquitous USB Host Compact, efficient and high-speed USB Host platform

Recently, there are many scenes that USB connection is made to devices other than personal computers; music can be played back by connecting USB memory with MP3 music data or portable media player to AV equipment and car audio, and also pictures of digital camera can be displayed on equipment such as digital photo frame connected via USB .
Ubiquitous USB Host is a set of USB class libraries optimized for embedded devices to connect with USB devices that are popular as PC peripheral standards. It corresponds to Mass Storage Class compliant USB device which has already become the standard storage of media data, and MTP device which is used as a standard with digital camera. USB host function in AV equipment and car audio can be realized with less hardware resources.

In order to be compatible with the USB host function with embedded devices that have strict resource constraints, the footprint of the software is extremely small, and it is necessary to operate compactly. The Ubiquitous USB Host is designed to operate extremely compactly and efficiently.
Each library can be selected and implemented according to the functions required by the customer. It can be used in optimum form according to hardware resources. There are no restrictions such as GPL which need attention when developing with Linux etc, and Ubiquitous Corporation develops and provides all software libraries.


Compact, efficient and high-speed

Program size is small, and both ROM and RAM can operate even with small capacity. We designed and optimized for efficient operation. This realizes very low CPU occupancy.

Supported Host Controllers

Ubiquitous USB Host supports various models of host controllers. For details please contact us.

Functions and Specifications

Supported Classes

  • Mass Storage Class
  • MTP/PTP (SIC:Still Image Class)
  • Hub Class
  • HID Class
  • Audio Class (1.0)
  • Video Class (1.1)
  • Communication Device Class

Footprint at minimum configuration

Mass storage class, file system installed: ROM about 50 KB, RAM about 11 KB
When PTP / SIC is installed: ROM approximately 80 KB, RAM approximately 5 KB
* Please contact us for support of other classes and subclasses

Delivery form

It is provided as SDK (software development kit) in library object format. Please link the library and the object when linking the application program. Some of them are provided as source codes.
Please contact us for the supported development environments.

The SDK includes

  • Documents
  • Header files
  • Library files
  • Object files
  • Sample programs

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