Network Protocol Stacks for embedded applications Ubiquitous Network Framework Compact, Efficient, and High-speed network platform

Product summary

”Ubiquitous Network Framework” is our originally designed TCP/IP stack based middleware for enabling communication features on your embedded applications.
The middleware can run on Thanks to highly optimized design technique, Ubiquitous Network Framework does not limit hardware resource requirement such as MCU ROM/RAM size. In addition, it is also capable to be integrated into your current software architecture with RTOS (e.g., uITRON, Amazon FreeRTOS) or without RTOS (Bare metal case).
Ubiquitous Network Framework provides you a flexibility of communication feature set from minimal base protocol to full functionality according to your embedded application and available hardware resources. Please see following software block image for more understanding.
Since the product is fully developed in-house designer as proprietary software, your company does not have to worry about OSS (Open Source Software) licensing and patent issue.


  • Effective software framework for enabling communication functionality on embedded applications that operates non-OS (bare metal) environments.
  • Support wide variety of protocols and applications.
  • Designed to enable minimal software stack configuration for reducing CPU resources requirements.
  • Flexible to select optimal configuration in various use cases for minimizing ROM/RAM requirements.
  • Supported IPv6 protocol by implemented 6LoWPAN based upper protocol.

Solve the problem

  • Want to add communication stack, but available MCU resource is small and limited.
  • OSS (Open Source software) such as FreeRTOS does not provide sufficient data throughput.
  • Necessary to design the lowest power IoT devices without any system performance reduction.
  • Solve OSS licensing and patent issue such as Linux GPL.
  • Want to evolve current embedded system by adding network, wireless, and IPv6 features.

Reuse existing software on RTOS based environment

“Ubiquitous Network Framework on RTOS” is add on version for RTOS environment, and enabling network capability for embedded applications without any modification of existing software.

Supported protocols

Base Protocols of Ubiquitous Network FrameworkIP
Additional protocols for freeDHCPd
Additional protocols for chargeTLS/SSL [Ubiquitous TLS]
DTLS [Ubiquitous DTLS]
PANA [Ubiquitous PANA]
TFTPc [Ubiquitous TFTPc]
mDNS [Ubiquitous mDNS]

Application examples

Applicationuse case
Wireless/wired LAN adapter for home air conditionersECHONETLite controls home air conditioners via wireless/wired LAN connections
Home Control SystemHome control systems that required long-term, continuous and high quality operation.
Car AudioPlayback music data via USB memory or portable media player.
Security CamerasSecurity cameras for network monitoring over the Web
Wireless adapter for water heater controlWireless control for the water heater via smartphone
Home gateway for smart metersHome gateway for smart meters and various home appliance control

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