Lightweight HDCP Middleware Ubiquitous HDCP Ideal for HDCP implementation of copy guard during HD content transmission

Outline of the standard

About HDCP

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a link protection technology that supports copy guard when sending digital content to a display or video terminal via HDMI or DVI. There is also a specification that uses HDCP over IP networks, such as Miracast, and is called IIA (Interface Independent Adaptation).
In recent years, high-quality copyright-protected content transmission using digital interfaces has become mainstream for car navigation systems, display audio, and other in-vehicle terminals, set-top boxes (STBs) and AV equipment such as external tuners.

Product Summary

Ubiquitous HDCP

Ubiquitous HDCP is a software development kit (SDK) optimized for HDCP implementation. Compact libraries optimized for embedded systems can be used independently of the target environment (hardware and operating system).
By having a porting layer for performing encryption / decryption processing by hardware, encryption / decryption processing with a large processing load can be offloaded. Even if encryption / decryption processing cannot be performed by hardware processing, you can also use Ubiquitous AI Corporation's unique lightweight, high-speed encryption / decryption software engine.
The Ubiquitous HDCP SDK is compatible with HDCP revision 2.3, has been ported to various hardware environments and has been tested, and it is an ideal product for those considering using HDCP.

Ubiquitous HDCP is also considered for use in conjunction with Ubiquitous Securus, a solution that uses secure hardware to prevent data leakage and tampering. Ubiquitous Securus enables you to manage and operate more securely confidential information such as device keys used in HDCP.

Furthermore, it becomes possible to cope with a system configuration in which both a normal OS and a secure OS are simultaneously operated. Through these system proposals, we provide comprehensive technical support for implementing link protection technology in your target environment.

Configuration to implement functions entirely by software

Configuration to realize the function by cooperation between Normal OS and Secure OS


OS independent

Supports both of Source and Sink

Management tool for HDCP Device Key Set is available

  • Provides a tool (SDK) to divide purchased Device Keys for each device

Can be used with Ubiquitous Securus

  • Confidential information can be handled more securely, such as key management

HDCP Software development kit (SDK)

  • HDCP 2.3 IIA compatible
  • Sample codes (source code) (C language)
  • Ubiquitous HDCP library (object code)
  • Instruction Manual

SDK Specification

Supported OS

OS independent, Linux compatible

Applicable to Source and Sink devices

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