Lightweight HDCP Middleware Ubiquitous HDCP SDK optimized for HDCP implementation

What is HDCP

HDCP is a link protection technology that supports copy guard when sending digital contents to HDMI, DVI, etc. to display or video terminal.
In recent years, high-quality copyright protected content transmission by digital interface is also the mainstream for IVI systems such as car navigation systems and display audio, AV equipment such as set-top boxes (STB) and external tuners, etc.


Ubiquitous HDCP is a software development kit (SDK) optimized for the implementation of HDCP. You can use a compact library optimized for embedded systems without depending on the target environment (hardware and OS).
It is possible to offload the encryption / decryption process with a large processing load by having a porting layer for performing encryption / decryption processing by hardware processing, and even when encryption / decryption processing can not be performed by hardware, you can also use Ubiquitous proprietary lightweight and fast encryption / decryption software engine.
In addition, we offer comprehensive technical support when implementing link protection technology in the target environment by proposing key management system, such as key, along with Ubiquitous HDCP.
Ubiquiotus HDCP SDK is compatible with HDCP ver 2.2 (ver 2.3 under development). We are porting to various hardware environments, checking the operation, and it is the best product for those who are considering using HDCP.

Supported Specification

HDCP 2.0, 2.1, 2.2
(HDCP 2.3 : Under development)

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