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QuickBoot - Design Wins (Sample) and Press Release

DateCustomerProduct CategoryProduct Model (Link to Press Release)
2015.12JVC KENWOOD CorporationCar NavigationMDV-L503W and MDV-L503, AV Navigation
2015.06JVC KENWOOD CorporationMonitor ReceiverDDX9902S, eXcelon Product and DDX9702S, Navigation & Multimedia
2014.12JVC KENWOOD CorporationCar NavigationMDV-L402,MDV-L502 and MDV-L502W(Press Release in Japanese)
AVN-ZX04i,AVN-Z04iW and AVN-Z04i(Press Release in Japanese)
2014.03JVC KENWOOD CorporationCar NavigationMDV-L401 and MDV-L301(Press Release in Japanese)
2013.11FUJITSU TEN LIMITEDCar Navigation"ECLIPSE" AVN-ZX03i, AVN-Z03iW and AVN-Z03i (Press Release in Japanese)
2013.04JVC KENWOOD CorporationCar NavigationMDV-Z700W (Press Release in Japanese)
2013.01JVC KENWOOD CorporationCar NavigationMDV-Z700, MDV-X500 and MDV-R700 (Press Release in Japanese)
2012.11Pioneer CorporationWireless DJ SystemXDJ-AERO (Press Release in Japanese)

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