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Ubiquitous Network Framework ThingWorx Edge Package

ThingWorx Edge SDK package for MCUs helps to adopt ThingWorx client in MCU/RTOS platform

ThingWorx, PTC's IIoT (Industrial IoT) platform, is an industrial IoT platform for end-to-end IIoT solution having many users Japan.
“Ubiquitous Network Framework ThingWorx Edge Package” consists of PTC’s ThingWorx Edge SDK and our "Small, Light and Fast" embedded software technology for incorporating ThingWorx client functions running on MCUs easily.

Package options:

  • For Non-OS environment
    Ubiquitous Network Framework ThingWorx Edge Package
  • For RTOS environment
    Ubiquitous Network Framework on RTOS ThingWorx Edge Package

* PTC ThingWorx platform

* Related information
PTC Blog "Importance of small software to capture real time operational data” (Japanese only)

Key Features

ThingWorx client device development for MCU / RTOS platform

Developed to run on MCU platform thanks to Ubiquitous Network Framework. Also, possible to use when the system uses RTOS environment such as FreeRTOS, or already installed any other environment.

Packaged TCP/IP and TLS for ThingWorx client will reduce development time

Combination of ThingWorx Edge SDK, Ubiquitous Network Framework and Ubiquitous TLS provide the full feature to connect ThingWorx. It will reduce developer’s workload and IoT device development time.

Ensure security by protecting device authentication information by TLS

Secure device authentication is achieved by using Ubiquitous TLS to protect the exchange of authentication information to connect ThingWorx.

Contents of the package

  • ThingWorx Edge SDK
  • Ubiquitous Network Framework SDK : Learn more
  • Ubiquitous TLS

Supported MCUs, boards and modules

MCUBoards / Modules
Renesas Electronics Corporation
- RX Family RX600, RX700 Series
- RA Family RA6M4
Renesas Electronics Corporation
- Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit- EK-RA6M4
Core Co., Ltd.
STMicroelectronics - STM32 FamilyMurata Manufacturing Company, Ltd. - Wi-Fi+ Bluetooth Module Type 1LD P/N:
LBEE5PA1LD (MCU: STMicroelectronics STM32F412)

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