Network Protocol Stacks for embedded applications Ubiquitous Network Framework Compact, Efficient, and High-speed network platform

Supported Hardware

Hardware typeVendorSeries / Name
Wired LAN MCURenesas Electronics CorporationRX600 Series, RX200 Series
STMicroelectronicsSTM32 Series
Wireless ModulesMurata Manufacturing Company, Ltd.LBWB1ZZYDZ
HD-PLC LSIMegaChips CorporationKHN13200
ROHM Co., Ltd.BU82204MWV

Dual stack support

  • IPv4 version (IPv4 Edition)
  • IPv6 version (IPv6 Edition, dual stack support with IPv4)

Code size

Estimated code size information for baseline implementation.

RAM maximum usage0.5KB

*These numbers are for reference use only. Used Renesas RX65N and RX compiler (CC-RX).

Performance benchmark

Data throughput comparison (WLAN environment)

Network stack (including OS)TCP sendingTCP receive
Ubiquitous Network Framework20.8Mbps9.09Mbps
FreeRTOS + lwIP9.0Mbps9.49 Mbps

Data throughput measurement (Gigabit Ethernet environment)

Network stack (including OS)TCP sendingTCP receive
Ubiquitous Network Framework700.6Mbps627.2Mbps

Kernel Features

Memory management

Memory block allocation, deallocation, owner change and anomaly notification are included.

Thread/queue management

Controls the creation, termination, and execution of threads. Threads are managed using a queue.

Calendar function

The timer is called in 5 ms cycle. It is used to provide the calendar function. It can get the date, get the day of the week, etc.

Utility provision

Utility functions are provided for functions used in embedded programs, pseudo-random numbers, and character code conversion.

Serial console and monitor commands

Provides a convenient monitor for debugging via serial port. By incorporating it into the target system, it is easy to check memory usage, memory free status, thread status and delete threads. User can add commands freely.

Customization by hooks

Possible to customize at the object level.
The system will call the appropriate hook at the point where it can be extended. By default, this hook is linked as a function that does nothing, but if a function with the same name is provided in the user program, it can override the default behavior for incorporating it into preference.

File System

Provides a file system for Flash ROM, which can be used in two different ways depending on the erase block size of the Flash ROM device.

Delivery form

It is provided as an SDK (Software Development Kit) in library object format. The sample code is provided as a source file, allowing for quick evaluation and development.
The SDK is available for each architecture, compiler, and development environment. Please contact us for details.

SDK includes following items.

  • Document
  • Header file
  • Library file
  • Object file
  • Sample program

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